How To Activate Microsoft Office Application by phone?

In This article you will get a complete guide about activating Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus by phone or Microsoft Office 2019 Professional plus by phone or Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus by phone.

Microsoft Office phone activation is a method provided by Microsoft for users to activate their Office software over the phone instead of using an internet connection. Activation is a process required by Microsoft to verify that your copy of Office is genuine and has been legally obtained.

Before activating, Please follow this instruction carefully.

Download Microsoft Office

Download the latest Office program according to your choice. You can download the ISO image file from the official Microsoft website. Below is the list of the Microsft Office software with direct download links:

Step 2:  Install Office application in your Device

  • Mount the image file after download and run the installationPlease click on the download link to download the image file. After a successful download, please double-click the file and a new drive will appear under “This PC”. Please access that drive to start the installation. The process is called image mounting. It is as if you would have inserted the DVD.

After Install this Office application then choose a phone activation , if you bought a phone activation keys from us.

However, if you choose online activation, you will get the following error.

we will consider a situation when, when activating Microsoft Office 2021 online, an activation error appears as in the screenshot below, in this case, according to the advice from the second paragraph from the description of this error, you need to activate the application by phone. Activation is carried out using a robot answering machine, you will need to type numbers on the keyboard of your phone. After seeing this error, click “Back” and select the activation item by phone.

office 2019

1) We remind you that to activate Office 2021 Pro Plus by phone . Also, to activate the application, you must first enter the product license key into it.

find a product keys

2) Then select: “I want to activate the software by telephone” and click “Next”.

phone activation

3) In the next window, in the drop-down menu, select your country of location in step 1, for example, we will have the United Kingdom. (You can have any other country). As a rule, most countries have a number with a free call at the expense of Microsoft.

– When calling, press 1, we agree with the recording of the conversation, then press 3 – Office activation, then press 1 and enter the numbers to robot (from step 2 in the screenshot below).

Attention! You need to enter your installation ID, which exactly you have in the activation window program by phone, in our screenshot below is an example.

After entering the numbers to the robot, the robot will ask you on how many computers the key has already been installed, you need to answer “zero”.

– Next, we are waiting for the response confirmation ID from the robot, which will need to be entered in the input fields from A to H and activate Microsoft Office.

In addition, you can activate yourself in text mode without a call using our online service GET CID – Microsoft Self-Service Support, on the next page.

phone activation

If everything went well. then the activation wizard will inform you about the successful activation of the application in the next step, after clicking on the “Next” button.

However if you need any support then contact us