LicenceHouse is an online store specializing in the sale of downloadable software. Our goal is to consistently offer discounted prices and comprehensive service to our customers. We cater to both business and individual clients.

We source our software licenses in bulk from companies that no longer need them due to insolvency, migration to cloud offerings, or discontinued use. purchases and verifies them to offer them to you at the best possible price.

Our cost structure is highly agile, with no physical offices or storage, and fully dematerialized delivery. This allows us to offer exceptionally low prices without compromising on the quality of service.

Our team continuously verifies the licenses we purchase to provide our customers with software that fully complies with Microsoft's terms and conditions and all applicable directives. We also sign contracts with our suppliers to guarantee the compliance and source of the products.

Save up to 90% on retail prices

Software publishers tend to encourage their monthly and annual cloud subscription services, which, while useful in terms of updates and support, result in limited flexibility and a substantial increase in acquisition and long-term costs. For this reason, many customers choose to purchase permanent licenses on our site.

We are always available for further clarification or to provide you with the traceability of the products purchased. We remain at your disposal at any time by email to offer you specialized advice. We will also be happy to help you install your software.

Although we focus on Microsoft products, we also offer some more complex niche products to provide the best possible buying experience for our customers. Our diversified product range continues to grow to allow us to always offer you the latest software versions at an attractive price.

LicenceHouse is synonymous with certified quality

LicenceHouse is your reliable partner for secure and affordable downloadable software - Test and see for yourself!

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